There Is Such A Thing As Free Breakfast After All

You know what they say about free lunch? Turns out that there is such a thing as free breakfast after all. The charming Tyroleans behind Verival approached me and asked how I would like to receive a selection of their breakfast cereals every couple weeks. I said I would like that very much, thank you, and anticipated the first delivery with a giddy sense of excitement at what a famous blogger I’ve become that people start asking if it would be okay for them to deliver breakfast to me. Pretty cool, eh?

Anyway, the first very stylish and very unassailable parcel arrived. After stabbing at it for a good five minutes with assorted weapons, it yielded a selection of three cereals and a cute burlap bag.

verival I

All of it organic, tyrolian, and very stylish. So far, so good.

verival II

Tried the cornflakes: lovely. Unsweetened. Keep their crunch surprisingly long even when drowned in milk, which was a pleasant surprise as I usually lose the race to finish my bowl before the flakes turn soggy, so thumbs up on this one.

To be honest, I had my reservations about the Mango-Physalis porridge. In my experience, the more the manufacturers shove the cereal’s alleged fruitiness (hee hee) in your face, the more sugary and raisin-riddled the product turns out to be, both of which are attributes I really don’t feel like dealing with in the morning. I gave it a reluctant shot anyway and have to say I was again pleasantly surprised. (And I’m not saying this because they sent me free breakfast.) I guess it’s the texture I liked about it, a lot more gritty than your usual rolled oats which makes for a Grießkoch-like experience; and it actually was quite fruity, not sugary – interesting. Perhaps I need to re-evaluate “fruity” cereals? Hm. Anyway, recommended method of preparation: definitely with water and a pinch of salt. Don’t use milk, that would make it too rich and sweet. Is it weird that I find milk tastes quite sweet? Hm again. I added a bit of nutmeg to the porridge to take it further into neutral/savoury-ish territory and have to say yep, that works a treat. Thumbs up again.

The Bircher muesli looked quite different from what I’m used to in a bircher, that is to say chunkier and with darker-coloured flakes then your usual brand, which is appearantly down to the ancient grain types they used (oat and wheat, mainly). Really good with goat’s yogurt and left to soak overnight, not exciting with milk poured over in the morning (as I did in the pic). But then, that applies to all birchers I guess.

My verdict: All in all, everything they sent me looks and tastes very boho, upscale and well-crafted. I really wanted to dislike something so y’all wouldn’t think I’m doing a PR job here but I have to admit that in my personal opinion it is all genuinely very good.

I shall be looking forward to receiving the next parcel, and I will have a crowbar ready.


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