10 Questions – “Liebster Award”

Anne-Marie from Ginger & Olives has nominated me for the Liebster Award, so today I’ll be answering 10 questions and passing on the nomination to a couple other bloggers whose blogs I like who’ll then have to answer 10 new questions I made up. 

Let’s start:

#1 What is the first thing you eat on a normal week day?

Pot of green tea with yogurt, skyr or muesli.

#2 What country would you visit if money was not an issue?

New Zealand.

#3 What character from a movie or a TV show can you identify with?

This one’s hard… I’d go for a pic’n’mix of Robin Sherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother and the red-haired Doctor Who companion ca 2012 whose name has escaped me. 

#4 In high school what was you favourite/most-hated class?

Favourite: Sports, when we played games. Least favourite: Sports, when we had to go run through the forest. Which is a bit ironic seen that now I’m having a hard time reciting all the sports I do in under a minute or before my conversation partner loses interest. My sporty times only began when I discovered all the amazing sports classes offered at the uni’s sports centre and that none of them involved apparatus gymnastics.

#5 Pick a super power you would like to have!

Time travel please, thanks!

#6 What is your guilty pleasure?

I love a good trashy pseudo “documentary” for saturday breakfast time.

#7 Your favourite room in the house you live in?

Kitchen – home is where the tea is.

#8 What is the worst thing you have ever cooked?

If you must know. The Shrimp Incident. That’s all you’ll get.

#9 If you were on TV on some cooking show – what would you cook to impress the judges?

I think a well done Kärntner Reindling would be just the thing. Takes some time, has got the whole folklore background story, and is something sweet – everyone likes sweet stuff or doesn’t dare say otherwise. Have you ever heard someone say they hate sweets? It’s like saying I hate kittens and puppies, just not socially acceptable.

#10 What would you consider the most important tool in your kitchen?

Kettle. No tea without kettle. Well, yes, I could make tea in the microwave or with a pot on the cooker but no. Kettle wins. Hands down.


Now for my nominees. I’ve been reading more fashion than food blogs lately so I’ll just nominate five of my regular reads, in no particular order:


#1 Das Trüffelschwein +++ #2 Because You Are Hungry +++ #3 Sprouted Kitchen +++ #4 Ziiikocht +++ #5 Happyolks


to answer the following five questions:

(1) Would you rather give up breakfast or dinner?
(2) How often do you cook, as in, actually cook as opposed to just throw together stuff you had in the fridge?
(3) Do you ever find yourself stuck in a rut where you obsessively use one ingredient and then forget it completely?
(4) If you were a fruit, which kind would you be?
(5) In your opinion, does an interest in cooking lead to an interest in nutrition as well?


Thanks again for the nomination, Anne-Marie!




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