I Told You So: Eggs And Fat Aren’t Bad For You!

Newsflash for the nonbelievers amongst you, further confirmation for me: This Guardian article cites some new research supporting the hypothesis that the much-reviled cholesterol in eggs isn’t actually dangerous for the heart and saturated fats are a lot better than the stuff recommended to replace them.

No news for those of us who read and agree with Gary Taubes (who basically recounts how the recommendation to base your diet on starchy foods came to be generally accepted wisdom), Michel Montignac (who technically propagates a glycemic index-based diet but does make some interesting wayside remarks on how different nutrients are metabolized), Robert Lustig (“sugar = toxin”) and many more researchers. Perhaps the fact that these alternative theories are slowly getting more news coverage will lead to popular wisdom swinging from carbs=good, fat=bad to (hopefully a more nuanced) opposite theory. Which would be very good news indeed if it really meant potentially improving public health but honestly, I also find it a little disconcerting – after all, for me the whole good carb doctrine was a deeply ingrained fact of life, like death and taxes, until I started to dig a little deeper. Wanna hand me back my taxes, Austrian Finanzamt?

Whatever theory you choose to buy into, please take this as a  jump start to think about what you’re putting into your body a bit more. Deal?


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